velox.RE is the most accomplished blockchain real estate team, building on the most robust blockchain, Bitcoin. The velox.RE - Cook County (Chicago) pilot program produced the first ever legal blockchain deed software and procedural protocol. Blockchain will allow truly digitized property ownership, exchange, and data. velox.RE is the vertical platform that enables blockchain applications, giving real estate stakeholders more transparency, liquidity, and profitability and enable the next evolution of the real estate industry.

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Disclaimer: The velox.RE tokens are a crypto asset that is currently being developed by Velox RE Tech, a Delaware corporation. This post does not constitute an offer or sale of velox.RE Tokens (“the Tokens”) or any other mechanism for purchasing the Tokens (such as, without limitation, a fund holding the Tokens or a simple agreement for future tokens related to the Tokens). Any offer or sale of the Tokens or any related instrument will occur only based on definitive offering documents for the Tokens or the applicable instrument.

velox.RE CEO wins Top Founder at Global PropTech Awards

Forbes Magazine Feature on velox.RE

Real estate company velox.RE, has created a legal blockchain version of a property deed that can replace paper deeds.